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Fusco Films

Scenario, directing:
Erik Fusco
Camera, Sound, Editing: Arlo Laibowitz
Coproducer: Tuindorp Films Haarlem


A moving glimpse into the life of a teenager between two cultures. 16 year old Maira loves to hang around and to make fun with her friends. Then one day, she is invited on a memorial trip to Auschwitz. What does commemorating mean to a young Gipsy girl?

In the Netherlands there are about 6000 Sinti and Roma, also known as Gipsies. Half of them came over from Eastern Europa in the past forty years. But there are also Gipsies who’ve been here for much longer. Maira Weiss is a girl from this older community.

Maira takes her Gipsy background for granted. But like many other kids with foreign parents her identity shows contradictions: “I’ve lived for years on a trailer park, but I don’t think it’s typical for Gypsies to live there. I feel more Gipsy than Dutch. What it means to be a Gipsy? We must observe our own rules, but sometimes I don’t obey them…” 

And what about Porajmos, the Gipsy Holocaust? Maira doesn’t feel a special connection to the Second World War because of cruelties committed against Gipsies during that period. Will the persecution of ‘her’ people come closer after visiting Auschwitz?

Porajmos discusses the importance of commemorating the Holocaust for today's youth. Moreover Porajmos is a story about discovering and expressing one’s identity. These serious subjects are made fit for youngsters by presenting them through an energetic story about a cool teenager.

The uninhibited way in which teenagers like Maira deal with the world around them is visualised through the blending of totally different experiences. Dog photographer, disco and a trip to Auschwitz all mix perfectly well in the mind of a young Dutch Gipsy girl.


- Cronograf International Docfest, Chicinau - Moldova (May 15 - 19 2008)
- Mo & Friese Children’s Shortfilmfestival, Hamburg - Germany (June 1 - 8, 2008)
- Unabhängiges Filmfest Osnabrück - Germany (October 8 - 12, 2008)
- Cinekid Screening Club, Amsterdam - The Netherlands (October 23 - 26, 2009)
- Mo & Friese at Masda, Natori City - Japan (Februari 7 - 8, 2009)
- Sprockets International Film Festival For Children, Toronto - Canada (April 18 - 24, 2009)
- International Kinder Film Festival at Masda, Natori City - Japan (Dec 2009)