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Creative with Collections (2013) [more info]
Documentary - 25 min

A comical documentary about the art of collecting.

Artist Pet van de Luijtgaarden wants to bridge the gap between the arts world and everyday people by trying to elevate buying things to an art form.
English | Nederlands
Haverstraat 67
3511NB Utrecht
The Netherlands
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Fusco Films
Berries from Brod (2009) [more info]
Documentary - 14 min

A tragic love story between a man and his native region.

Erden must go abroad to look for work because his own region has nothing to offer him anymore. Before leaving he makes one last hike into the mountains where he grew up. A short documentary about the fate of the Goran minority in Kosovo.
Saluti da Sar Planina (2012) [more info]
Documentary - 15 min

The most European man in Europe is not allowed into the EU.

Kosovo is the last Balkan state whose citizens are not allowed to travel freely into the European Union. What effect does this constraint have on the life of a lonely berry picker who lives in an isolated village in the desolate Sar Mountains of Kosovo?
Berries from Brod
Porajmos (2008) [more info]
Documentary - 16 min

Identity cannot be imposed, it must be discovered.

A moving glimpse into the life of a teenager between two cultures. 16 year old Maira loves to hang around and to make fun with her friends. Then one day, she is invited on a memorial trip to Auschwitz. What does commemorating mean to a Dutch Gipsy girl? Porajmos is available on dvd
Pigeons is my life (2006) [more info]
Documentary - 16 min

A questionable lesson in humility.

An Egyptian pigeon racing champion visits Belgium and the Netherlands to meet his idols. A comical culture clash in the world of pigeon fanciers.
What other people think (2014)
mentary - 13 min

Make your dreams come true !

The slightly mentally disabled Jan Burgers dreams of performing in a real circus. Theatre director Ron Bunzl wants to help Jan fulfil his dream and invites him to participate in a circus theatre show. Will Ron and his team succeed in letting the brave but vulnerable Jan shine in their circus performance?